SKB Cases and their Lifetime Guarantee

SKB Gun Case

SKB cases come with a variety of products and a variety of warranties and guarantees.  Before purchasing their products, make sure that you know all the rules and promotions that come with each and every kind of case they offer.

When it comes to their lifetime guarantee, they are very specific about what kind of cases apply and which do not.  According to their website, only the hardshell cases are included in the lifetime guarantee they offer.  The company is willing to send replacement parts, repair, or replace any of their products as long as they are hardshell cases.  This promotion continues until the end of the item’s lifetime.  This does not mean that the item will be replaced if it is completely destroyed—only if there is a defect or something wrong with the case itself.

This offer isn’t something that is taken on faith though—in order to qualify for a repair or replacement, you must provide a proof of purchase to the company.  Without a proof of purchase, they will not consider your request, and deny your case the repair or replacement needed.

Some of the hard cases are not included in the lifetime guarantee—instead, they are only covered up to five years after the date of purchase.  Like the hardshell cases, proof of purchase much be provided when requesting help with your case.

Soft cases, on the other hand, are not included in either the lifetime or five year promise.  These are only covered until a year from the date of purchase, and only with a proof of that purchase.

This means that when you are looking to own one of the SKB cases, you need to be very careful about which case it is and also inquire about how long the warranty is for.  Also keep in mind that regardless of which case you purchase and which kind of coverage you have, you will still need to cover the cost of shipping the item to the manufacturer in order to have it either repaired or replaced.  Like many other products with a lifetime guarantee, the company reserves the right to deny you a replacement or a repair.

In addition to repairs and replacements, SKB cases also offer an opportunity to claim up to $1500 worth of damaged equipment if you can show that your items were damaged while using one of their products during travel.  This vote of confidence in their products is quite impressive, but keep in mind that if you’re using a risky method of travel, there is a limit to the damage they will cover, and only certain cases, just like the lifetime guarantee are covered.

Knowing the rules of your coverage and the rules of the lifetime guarantee of your case is important for every consumer.  Knowing exactly what to expect will allow you to make a better decision when it comes to purchasing a case, and knowing how much money you should and should not be spending on it.  Ask questions during your purchase, and don’t hesitate to call a customer service number with questions regarding any damage or broken items.