The Cutco Forever Guarantee

Cutco Knives
For many of us, our kitchens are our sacred spaces.  In order for this to be a reality though, we need to make sure that it is filled with only the best products.  This means including Cutco products in your arsenal of cooking tools.  Cutco is known for their quality products, but what is less known about them is their Forever Guarantee.  Like many other companies, lifetime guarantees often come with strings attached, and Cutco is no different.

They promise to honor your purchase, even if it’s a gift from someone else.  And to take the weight off your shoulders to keep the receipt handy at all times just in case something goes wrong, they will accept your product without receipt or proof of purchase.  They’ll take all Cutco products and give them fair inspection.

In their Forever Guarantee, they make several promises about the products you are buying.  The company promises that your knives are built to stay sharp for many years.  If this isn’t the case, you can request for them to be looked at by a representative.  The company will work on the knives and sharpen them so that they are returned to you as if they are brand new.  They will also inspect them for other problems you might be having, as well as wash them so that they also look as perfect as the day you first opened them.

Keep in mind, however, that you must provide the costs of shipping and handling for any knives that you send into the company to have inspected.  There’s an online form that you can fill out in order to explain what kind of problem you’re having and what might be done about it.

If you do something wrong with your knife and you break it due to misusing it, the company is willing to cut you a break on your replacement.  While they won’t replace the product directly, they are willing to give you a replacement at half the retail value.  While for some, this may not be exactly what they’re expecting, for those of us who have tried to cut things we know we shouldn’t be trying to cut, this is a small blessing.

In addition to the repairs and sharpening that they forever offer their products, they also offer a refund for anything you may not be satisfied with for the first fifteen days after purchase.  Though this may be a little more difficult to fulfill if the knives are a gift and you’ve been holding onto them for a specific day, it’s still a small buffer for you to test out the knives and see whether or not you like them.

While their Forever Guarantee boasts a lot of coverage for a long time, looking into the finer details of the clause show that there’s not very much that is covered under it.  If you’re someone who likes to have their knives sharpened, then this may be beneficial to you, but for those who sharpen their own knives, and take care of their kitchen equipment like it’s gold, this isn’t as helpful.  Unless the product was damaged right out of the box, Cutco offers very little promise of replacing any damage or breaks that appear later down the road.